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Ask Manda: Stunted Career Growth

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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My boss offers me a pay rise every time I raise my career growth questions. While I am more than happy with that, it’s a short term solution and I want a position more than money. Can I get some advice on this? 

It's time you addressed this issue directly. Whilst all of us enjoy receiving regular salary reviews (and increases!) what can inadvertently happen is that you price yourself out of your market. You may have heard the term "golden handcuffs." This means you get so used to earning (and spending!) a certain salary level that when it comes time to leave, you will be too expensive for the level of skills you possess. 

Remember, it’s always a competitive market out there for the best jobs. The money is great, but your skills remain the same or even regress. Is this what you really want? Explain to your boss that whilst you are very appreciative of the extra remuneration, you would like the opportunity to expand your skill set or develop your job responsibilities. 

I would imagine that even your boss has undertaken extra training or moved jobs to develop a skill set. I would also explain how this extra training will assist the company in its daily operations, and you could always say you want to be able to provide value for money! Your boss should be delighted you want to increase the value of your contribution to your company.

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