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Ask Manda: How to Contribute on Your Way out of a Job

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I would say at the outset that you have a great attitude and a professional approach to your work. Many people 'switch off' once they have submitted their resignation, and this is the time that managers and colleagues remember you best. Unfair, I know, but it’s a reality. I would approach your manager (in person; don’t send an email) and also your colleagues to offer your assistance with any of these duties. Let them know that no job is too small. They may not even realise that you are available to assist them. It’s in your manager’s best interests to have you actively contribute until your final day, so there may be other areas of your division or company where your general knowledge can be very valuable. 

Our 15 Rules of Resignation may also come in handy. A lot of referees I talk to base their observations on performance and attitude just prior to leaving the business. Your professionalism won’t go unnoticed.

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