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Ask Manda: Christmas Party Regrets

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I was drunk and totally out of my mind at a Christmas party last week at the office. I joked about my boss, which reached her ears the next day. It was just a joke, but she doesn't see it that way. How can I save my job? 

Well, first, I assume you haven’t posted this "joke" on any social media platform? About 100 years ago when I entered the workforce, you could (almost) get away with being a bit of a dill at a work function, because the web was something you got caught up in in the garden, and the only thing you had to worry about was where the hell was the spider? Let’s just deal with the joke. We all need to remember when we are in the office that we are still at work, irrespective of whether it's a social gathering or not. Actually, no matter where the work function is being held, we are still at work. So, given the damage has been done, the only thing to do is to address the situation directly. 

You need to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your boss and take ownership of the situation. Although unintentional, you have offended her, and an explanation is necessary and an apology is required. You will both have to take steps to resolve this issue to resume your working relationship; this will take time and a rebuilding of trust. Keep your head down and just work, work, work. With any loss of trust, your work situation could become untenable.

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