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7 Ways To Stay Positive While Job Hunting

Posted by John
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Job hunting can be a grueling, taxing process, often proving frustrating and discouraging. But keep your head up! Your hard work will eventually pay off and it's essential that you stay optimistic. Here are 7 ways to stay positive while searching for a job. 

1. Stay focused Don't get into the bad habit of waking up late or procrastinating. Job hunting can be tiring, but staying focused on your goal is important. 

2. Target your industry Learn more about your particular industry and target companies in your specialist field. This will give you an edge over your competition. 

3. Utilise social media If you don't have a Linkedin profile, get one! And if you do have one, make sure it is updated. Many recruiters and companies search directly on Linkedin for prospective candidates rather than advertising. 

4. Explore possible new careers Be open to new careers where your skills are transferrable. You never know what opportunities may exist. 

5. Subscribe to job alerts Many job search engines, including people2people, have a function to create email job alerts so you don't have to log on every day to see what new roles have been posted. 

6. Understand the current market Be aware that the market is tight right now, particularly with Christmas on our doorstep and companies freezing hiring for the holidays. Don't let this dishearten you. 

7. Stay positive Not every job you apply for will be a success. But you will find one! Just remember, jobs don't find you — you find them! Good luck!