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Ask Manda: Internal Restructuring & Micromanaging Bosses

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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I have made it to the final round of many interviews only to be told that the role is put on hold due to the company's internal restructure. It is rather disappointing. How do I make sure that the next role I apply for does not have a similar fate? 

I agree, this type of situation is very disappointing, but at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty in the market place. It is difficult to predict when this will arise, as companies are having to make quick business decisions at short notice at the moment. Recruiting new staff can be a discretionary cost to a business and if required, a role's duties can at times be absorbed internally with existing staff. Often, the hiring company may not even know themselves that a role will be put on hold or even cancelled. So keep applying to the roles that interest you, it's better to apply in good faith rather than trying to predict if a role will be put on hold.

My boss is a micromanager, and it is affecting my work and mental state. How can I address this with her? 

Anything affecting you to this extent should be discussed as soon as possible. Schedule a designated time to meet with her, particularly when you won’t be interrupted. Think about the situation from your manager’s perspective as well. It may not be a matter of her not trusting you but wanting to mentor and give you as much assistance as possible. Managers are often criticized for not assisting their teams enough. Your Manager could be new to the management role or their style could be a reaction to former employees struggling in the role or underperforming. Explain the areas of your role where you are coping well and conversely where you need assistance, then agree on a time frame to discuss your progress.

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